The Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (SACES) is the southern region of the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES). ACES is a division of the American Counseling Association (ACA). ACES consists of five regions, with SACES being the largest region. Other regions include North Atlantic, North Central, Rocky Mountain and Western.

The purpose of SACES shall be to strengthen counselor education and supervision. SACES will serve to advance knowledge in the academic fields of the behavioral sciences, and assist in improving competency both for members and for those counselors with whom the members are working or will work. SACES is concerned with knowledge, skills, and research which touch upon all aspects of the profession of counseling and supervision at all levels.

SACES has approximately 1,440 active members, consisting of counselor educators, supervisors, and students from 14 southern states. These state include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

According to Sue Mihalik, The Southern region of the National Association of Guidance Supervisors and College Trainers was born in 1949 “when a few dedicated professionals met in a conference of State Supervisors of Guidance Services and Counselor Trainers. From this beginning has evolved an organization which has accepted its professional responsibilities for leadership and is frequently the originator of professional thrusts” (p.2).  In 1961, the organization was renamed the Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (Southern ACES or SACES).

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