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SACES Call for GSR for ACES

January 19, 2022 9:43 AM | Alexander Fields (Administrator)

Call for Graduate Student Representative (GSR) for the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES)

Each region of ACES has been asked to put forth one nominee for consideration to serve on the ACES Governing Council as a GSR who represents the voice of student members of ACES. This is a great opportunity for an early-stage doctoral student (first or second year) to get involved and contribute to ACES through service as the GSR. Please read the following description of the graduate criteria for the appointment, the criteria for selection, and the process for submission of an application. 

Graduate Criteria for Appointment

The Graduate Student Representative (GSR) is a 3-year service position; designee, current, and past. The student nominee should be in the early stages of their counselor education doctoral program (first or second year) in order to be appointed to this position. A graduate student serving as a GSR must hold doctoral student/doctoral candidate status for at least 2 years of their service and only the final year could be served as a new faculty member or supervisor. Those who are chosen as the ACES GSR will be expected to attend the ACES Governing Council meetings held each summer, meetings at ACES National Conference, and the ACA Conference. All travel is reimbursed by ACES.

Selection Criteria and Application Materials

  • A one page cover letter in which you introduce yourself, your educational experiences, and your previous and/or current experience with ACES.
  • Your current CV.
  • Demonstrate current ACES membership by providing your ACA membership number (SACES membership will be verified).
  • A 3-5 minute video in which the candidate introduces themselves and speaks about goals if elected as a GSR.
  • A written response to this question: What experiences and visison can you bring to the GSR position, if elected?

Your materials will be reviewed initially by the SACES executive board and one candidate will be selected to represent SACES. All the regions will have a representative and the next GSR-D will be selected by the ACES Governing Council.  The person who has been selected to serve on the ACES Governing Council will be notified by the ACES president.

Submission Process

  • Submit your documents (i.e., cover letter and CV) in ONE EMAIL.
  • Upload your video to Dropbox and share the file via email.
  • Email all application materials to Dodie Limberg, SACES Past President, past-president@saces.org  

All application materials are due no later than February 2nd 5pm EST. No late applications will be accepted.

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