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Application for SACES Nomination to Serve as the ACES Graduate Student Representative

November 17, 2016 8:21 PM | Cheryl Wolf (Administrator)

Each of the five ACES regions nominate one student to serve as the ACES Graduate Student Representative (GSR). From these five nominations, the ACES Governing Council will choose one student to serve in this position. This is a three year serviced position: designee, current, and past GSR.

SACES is currently accepting applications from doctoral students who are early in their academic program (a graduate student serving as a GSR must hold doctoral student/doctoral candidate status for at least 2 years of their service and only the final year could be served as a new faculty member or supervisor) to be the SACES nominee. To apply, please email the following materials to Melanie Iarussi at miarussi@auburn.edu:

  • A cover letter describing your educational and other relevant experiences to the position, including your previous and/or current involvement with ACES and SACES.
  • A current CV
  • Your answer to this question (posed by ACES): "Suppose you were selected for the GSR position, what would be different in a year service position that would show it was useful, that you were the right person to apply, and that ACES was right to have selected you?"

Applications are due December 15, 2016

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