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SACES 2016 Career Connection

Friday, October 7 & Saturday, October 8, 2016
During the 2016 SACES Conference

The SACES 2016 Career Connection was highly successful in New Orleans with 141 job seekers and 42 institutions with 46 open positions from across the U.S.!

The SACES 2016 Career Connection Process

Please refer to the Work Flow Charts below. These graphics are snapshots of the steps that recruiting institutions and job seekers engaged in during the CC process. In order for employers and job seekers to participate, they MUST have completed BOTH a survey AND submit an abbreviated job description/abbreviated CV to our SACES gmail account (

The deadline for job seekers to complete the survey and to submit a CV was Friday, September 23, 2016 at 11:59 pm

The purpose of SACES 2016 Career Connection is to facilitate face-to-face interactions among recruiting institutions and job seekers. Therefore, the Career Connection Committee assumes that all participants who submit materials online register for the conference.

Information for Employers/Institutional Representatives

1. Review the University Representatives Instructions (pdf).  This provides step-by-step instructions and guidelines for colleges/universities that would like to advertise faculty positions through SACES 2016 Career Connection.

2. Complete the Employer Career Pre-connection Qualtrics survey

3. Send job posting to

4-6. Review, find, and contact potential applicants.

Information for Job Seekers

1. Review the Job Seeker Instructions (pdf). This provides step-by-step instructions and guidelines for job seekers who would like to share their CV with participating institutions.

2. Complete the Job Seeker Career Pre-connection Qualtrics survey

3. Send CV to

4-6. Review, follow up, and connect with potential employers.

The SACES 2016 Career Connection Committee

Thanks to the time and efforts of the Career Connection Committee who are working hard to help connect job seekers with university representatives in an organized and helpful manner.

Dr. Margaux Brown, Co-Chair
Dr. Marcela Kepic, Co-Chair
Mr. Christian Chan
Mr. Joshua Littleton
Mrs. Tanya Lorenzi
Dr. Verna Oliva
Dr. Jane Rheineck
Dr. Catherine Roland, Consultant


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